Each job is unique and is therefore priced individually. Proofreading/editing rates are determined by several factors. These include the subject of your work, manuscript length, complexity and quality, and the type of editing you require. The larger and more complex the job, the longer it will take. I, therefore, prefer to base my rates on time: per day for longer work and per hour for smaller pieces, with a minimum project price of GBP35. I charge lower rates for individuals (compared to corporate clients) and special rates for students.

I can quote per 1,000 words but would need to see a sample before estimating — and remember, copy-editing will take longer than proofreading. Urgent, rushed jobs (i.e. those burning midnight oil!) will be priced higher. My pricing is in line with guidelines found on the SfEP website.

If you would like to contact me to discuss your needs, I will get back to you with a no-obligation estimate within 24 hours; or my out-of-office email will inform you when I can.

Many of my clients are in South East Asia, where time zone differences mean I can often have work turned around ‘overnight’, depending on its size and complexity.

Please note that any incidental costs such as overseas bank transfer charges, postage or printing will be charged extra.