What I do

What do I work on?

Anything using words to get across an important message, from annual reports to websites; academic journals and theses to CVs. For example, recently I have copy-edited an academic text on building regulations and energy conservation; articles for the journal Tourism Geographies; fisheries news updates for CTA’s Agritrade; and a doctoral thesis on the optimal storage of livers before transplant to minimise rejection. I regularly proofread/edit proposals for international development consortia bids, as well as their final project reports and mid-term evaluations. See my recent work for more information.

How I work

I offer an efficient and friendly editorial service (see Recommendations for my clients’ comments) working closely with the author(s) to achieve the optimum effect within the time available. This will vary depending on whether the brief is for proofreading, copy-editing or rewriting, according to your requirements.

My service will depend on the complexity of your text, what stage it has reached and, if appropriate, what your tutor/university allows. It could include:

I will work closely with you:

I use the latest Cambridge/Oxford English Dictionaries, reference books (such as Fowler’s Modern English Usage, New Hart’s Rules and Butcher’s Copy-Editing), online media and research engines. Computer programs include MS Office (Word 2010, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint), Acrobat, PerfectIt and Good Citations reference checker.

And last, but definitely not least, being a professional member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders gives me access to a vast reservoir of knowledge through their website and forums.